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Not ravioli,
Not spaghetti code, I said
FASTA not pasta


for (pos in sequence) {
  if (pos matches reference) {
    return (“pos not snp”) } }

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Tiny pieces of DNA
flow through a pore.
We assemble them.


Bio programmers
All gathered in the same place
It’ll be a BLAST

bio and programming
are all about understanding
the source code

Imaging a blot
Not spots but smears develop
Mournful walk home. Rain.

one in three billion hit.
A cancer evolves.

Data makes little sense
Sanity checks fail. Madness?
What have I done wrong?

Dancing like twinkles,
Lines of bright code flickering,
Running…. nowhere. Black.

wide-spread cellular damage,
CAR-T kills cancer.

Swim beloved bacteria
Few threads of tokens
Is what you are.

Issues with package,
DM developer on Slack,

How does one do this?
Heck, I will give it a try:
RNA-Seq yo!

The pirate said “Rrrrr”
“I C some ships leave the dock”
“Shell we bash them, mate?”

A Rainbow Tie-Dye
hackseq t-shirt could release
My inner hacker

BLOSUM Sixty-Two,
Miscalculated algorithm,
Improved performance.

My first hackseq was
Intense learning and hacking
A common purpose

Genes in a circle,
View organism’s genome,
Find regions of worth.

Words flow on console
Energies combine in a
Synergy of minds

Was master of none
hacked DNA for three days
Now master of 01

5 7 5, right?
So am I doing this right?
I would like a nap

running to ma-marathon
dancing to da-datathon
singing ha-ha-hackathon

Tiny viruses
Oceanic voyagers
Their impact profound

My compressed genome.
3.4 gigabytes whole.
Annotate me now.

Git add sets the stage.
Git commit, cant run away.
Push it, seize the day!

Sequence alignment
It’s Dynamic programming
Fun for everyone

prophase metaphase
anaphase telophase this
is called mitosis

How does death approach?
When will you run out of time?
Hacking shows the way.

Is this DNA legit
lets sequence and commit

pipeline this, pipeline that
hold my beer I’ll be back

Oceans hold data
Vast amounts of DNA
Secrets wait to shine

Active c-Jun and
And JunD Repress

Supporting the cell
Providing sweet protection
God bless the cell wall

A lot of computer geeks
They have knowledge of biology
Their programming skills are poor

Science is hard
Microbes have no empathy
Go home poor bastard

Her eyes grew wider
A biologist was born
“Can we take it home?”

The Tech we make,
Change our live, making changes in genes,
we create new lives

Consensus sequence,
Pattern recognition tools,
Aligned by motifs.